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  • Establishments must diversify nationalities when hiring, ensuring that the first 20% of available quotas in the establishments are allocated to different nationalities.
  •  It is important to note that this procedure is linked to the demographic diversity of the establishments and is not associated with a specific nationality.
  • Customers must follow the message in the system and try another nationality in case this message appears.

Together to enhance our successful and unique experience in cultural and demographic diversity.
Be part of this success and ensure its continuation by applying the principle of diversity when applying for the first of every five work permits within the quota allocated to your facility.

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In the UAE, certain companies are facing challenges in obtaining work visas for individuals from specific South Asian countries. When companies with a significant number of employees from a particular South Asian nationality attempt to secure visas for additional hires from the same nationality, the government instructs them to foster a more diverse workforce.

This diversity initiative in the UAE extends to a policy where, if a company receives a directive to enhance diversity, they are encouraged to consider hiring individuals from different nationalities. A business center in Dubai discovered that they should allocate the initial 20% of job openings to candidates from various nationalities, promoting a more inclusive hiring approach.

Furthermore, a representative from the MoHRE call center confirmed that regardless of a company’s nationality, adherence to the 20% diversity rule is mandatory. Once this diversity threshold is met, companies gain the flexibility to hire individuals from any nationality. Currently applicable to mainland companies, this regulation hasn’t posed issues for companies in free zones regarding work permit acquisition. In 2022, the MoHRE implemented a three-tier classification system, where meeting diversity requirements during hiring became a criterion for companies to attain a higher classification, offering them discounts on work permits and transfer fees.

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