Medical Professionals & Facility services

Medical Professionals & Facility services



At Al Tawakkal , We Can Provide Services In Issuing Licenses Under The DOH In Abu Dhabi, And These Services Include:.

  • Assisting clients in obtaining the necessary licenses to manage medical facilities
  • Manage various administrative processes related to medical facilities, such as reports, bills, and others.
  • Implementing periodic maintenance plans for medical facilities and ensuring the safety of patients and facility workers.
  • Providing a qualified and trained medical team to manage medical facilities and provide the necessary care for patients.
  • Providing consulting and training services to employees on laws related to the management of medical facilities.
  • Designing medical facilities and equipping them with the necessary equipment and furniture.


Medical Facilities Licensing & Management Services Provide Many Advantages To Your Health Facility In Abu Dhabi, The Most Important Of Which Are:

  • Saving time and effort
  • Compliance with legislation and standards
  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Saving expenses and costs
  • Reducing the administrative burden on clients
  • Providing comfort and safety for patients
  • Coordination with the concerned government agencies
  • Providing services in an integrated manner

What Are The Basic Requirements For Obtaining A Health License For A Medical Facility?

Requirements differ but in general, health and occupational safety standards must be adhered to, and the necessary medical equipment and devices and qualified medical personnel must be provided.


What Are The Basic Steps To Obtain A License For A Medical Facility In Abu Dhabi?

In the beginning, an application is submitted to the competent authority in the Emirate, conducting the necessary health checks for the facility and its employees, then providing the necessary medical equipment and devices for the facility, and providing qualified medical personnel to provide the required health services. It must be emphasized that all steps must be in accordance with the standards of the competent authorities in Abu Dhabi.

Is It Possible To Obtain A Medical License For A Medical Facility On Site?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a medical license for a medical facility on-site, provided that the required health conditions and requirements are met.

What Are The Basic Medical Devices That Must Be Available In The Medical Facility?

The required medical devices vary according to the type and specialization of the medical facility. Contact us to obtain sufficient information about the required devices and equipment.

What Are The Papers Required To Obtain A Medical License For A Medical Facility?

The required papers vary according to the type, specialization, and location of the medical facility. Contact us to obtain sufficient information about the required papers.

How Long Is The Time Required To Prepare And License Medical Facilities On-Site In Abu Dhabi?

The required time varies between different projects, and it depends on the size and nature of the project, the requirements of government agencies in Abu Dhabi – UAE, and the readiness of medical facilities and equipment.


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