Family visa

Both employers and employees with valid UAE residence visas can sponsor residence visas for their families. Unlike before, employees can sponsor their families regardless of their job titles if they earn a minimum salary meeting the average income threshold, or the threshold stipulated by UAE law. Clearing a medical fitness examination applies to all newcomers who have completed the age of 18, with the cost of this examination subject to change according to UAE law.

Sponsorship Requirements

Expatriate residents can sponsor their families to reside in the UAE if they have a valid residence permit/visa.

The sponsor must have a minimum salary that meets the average income threshold, or the threshold stipulated by UAE law, for sponsorship.

Male and female family members who are to be sponsored and who have completed the age of 18 need to undergo and pass medical fitness tests at approved health centers in the UAE, with the cost of these tests subject to change according to UAE law.

Family visa

To obtain a family visa in Abu Dhabi, a family member residing in the city must serve as the sponsor. The application process involves acquiring forms online or from immigration offices. Required documents encompass passport copies, passport-sized photos, evidence of the relationship with the sponsor (such as a marriage certificate), and the sponsor’s proof of residency or citizenship. Additionally, an invitation letter from the sponsor and details regarding the visitor’s accommodation are necessary. Health insurance may be obligatory, and there is a processing fee with varying processing times. The completed application and documents are then submitted to immigration authorities for approval. Once approved, the family members can travel to Abu Dhabi and undergo immigration procedures upon arrival. It is crucial to stay informed about the latest requirements, including any changes in family visa regulations, by checking with immigration authorities or the UAE embassy. Seeking advice from an immigration expert can help ensure a smoother application and family visa process.

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