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1. CICPA Pass

The Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) is the authorized organization overseeing the safety and protection of Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure and the country’s resources.

  • The CICPA is in charge of providing security clearance to organizations and personnel working in any of Abu Dhabi’s crucial enterprises. The CICPA security pass in Abu Dhabi is a complex registration procedure that must be completed with care. HLB Abu Dhabi can provide you with the finest guidance on obtaining a CICPA pass in Abu Dhabi.
  • In Abu Dhabi, the CICPA security pass encompasses security clearance and the issuance of permits for permanent land, permanent marine, non-permanent security, vehicles, and vessel clearance. All firms with employees working in Abu Dhabi’s Onshore, Offshore, and Freezone zones must register with CICPA. Then only the needed employees will acquire security permits.

Importance of CICPA pass

  • Access to restricted ports and field locations is permitted by CICPA (Critical Infrastructure & Coastal Protection Authority) security passes.
  • Several restricted places cannot be entered without the appropriate/correct CICPA permit. Each CICPA pass is unique and must be applied individually.
  • Organizations establishing and operating in the oil and gas sector (ADNOC) must obtain CICPA permit registration for employees accessing Critical Infrastructure locations, including oil rigs, refineries, and power plants.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council Approval is also included (SPC Approval). Therefore, if a firm works in the UAE’s oil and gas sector, SPC Approval is required before it may register with CICPA Pass.
  • It’s interesting to note that licenses can be issued for vehicles, vessels, and drivers, as well as for specific tasks like photography. As a result, if your firm or any of your employees anticipate working in one of these regions, it is vital to determine if you want to get a CICPA security pass.

Company eligibility to apply for a CICPA pass

Companies who want to apply for CICPA passes must meet the following requirements:

  • The business must hold an Abu Dhabi Trade Licence.
  • Registration with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce is required.
  • The firm must be approved by the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC).
  • Have a contract with a concession holding firm in place, and get an invitation letter (LOA) from ADNOC.

Who cannot obtain a CICPA Pass?

Individuals having the following visas will get denied security permits.

  • Freezone visa (aside from some free zones Masdar City, twofour54 – additional approvals will apply to these).
  • Visit visa.
  • Tourist visa.
  • Non-Abu Dhabi-issued visa.

The process of applying for a CICPA pass

Before applying for CICPA passes, several steps must be followed and completed.

  • Only workers of Abu Dhabi companies are eligible for CICPA passes (for ADNOC-controlled CICPA locations), and no temporary passes are permitted for persons employed in other emirates.

The following is the procedure for applying for CICPA passes:

  • Fill out the application form using the Permit Program (in Arabic only).
  • Complete the introductory documentation.
  • Attach the necessary supporting documentation based on the type of permit you intend to apply for.
  • Submit the application to the Security Permits Section’s headquarters.
  • Only the registered business PRO or the company owner may apply for the permits.

It is noted that some CICPA regions come under other jurisdictions, and it will be possible to get a CICPA pass using a firm from an emirate other than Abu Dhabi if the CICPA region does not fall under ADNOC control. HLB Abu Dhabi can provide you with more information on this matter.

Documents required for a company to apply for CICPA passes

  • To be eligible to apply for CICPA passes, a business must submit several documents.
  • A fully completed application.
  • Business trade license copy
  • Authorization by the signatory’s signature.
  • A letter from the firm requesting the opening of a file and approving a PRO.
  • Authorization from a certified PRO.
  • Contract signed with a concession-holding firm (LOA).
  • A cover letter from the Supreme Petroleum Council for the contract.
  • Filled introduction form for PRO
  • A personal photo (must be 4cm x 6cm, with a white background).
  • The PRO’s Emirates ID, passport, and visa.

Abu Dhabi Airports Company is a part of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad profile of major ventures across the emirate’s economic sectors. ADAC was created to lead the redevelopment of the capital’s aviation infrastructure which plays a vital role in the government’s future economic visions. The company sets ventures to aggregate a comprehensive implementation of its mandate.

2. Abu Dhabi Airports Company

ADAC Abu Dhabi Airports Company operates a total of five airports within the capital emirate, namely, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, Al Bateen Executive Airport, Delma Island Airport, and Sir Bani Yas Island Airport. It also directs The City Terminal in the Tourist Club and the Expo Terminal in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company or ADNEC. Each of these aviation facilities serves a specific travel segment, however, offers main commercial opportunities such as Retail and F&B concessions, Hospitality services, Advertising, Parking, and Property Management.

Abu Dhabi Approvals team provides support and services in the process of acquiring ADAC approval on NOC and permits needed to initiate business and construction projects within the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi Airports Company. We offer solutions on every step from document completion, application, submissions, and approval acquisition.

Abu Dhabi Airports Company Approval Services

The Commercial services of the airports were designed to array business opportunities, enhance customer experience, and promote excellence. With its mission of providing quality services, Abu Dhabi Airports Company approval prerequisite on acquiring NOC, Building Permits, and other necessary requirements are set for compliance to establish business or initiate construction projects within its airports. 

Abu Dhabi Approvals team provides a complete service that includes necessary requirement completion, applications, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire ADAC Approval related to engineering projects in Abu Dhabi Airports Company.

3. Abu Dhabi Ports Passes

Abu Dhabi Ports issues several types of passes and permits to visitors, based on the frequency of their access to our ports, or work conditions.

For all port passes and permits, the appropriate completed application and related documents should be submitted to the relevant Port Pass Office, along with the applicable fees.

Passes may be requested online using the online registration service.

Types of Passes

  1. Annual Pass
    For companies or organizations who a) Operate within a port facility or b) Have a long-term contract/agreement to supply goods or services to Abu Dhabi Ports.
  2. Short Term Pass (30 Days)
    For employees of companies or organizations that a) Operate within a port facility or b) Have a short-term contract/agreement to supply goods or services to Abu Dhabi Ports.
  3. Daily/Temporary Port Pass
    Issued 24/7 to drivers who bring goods to or from the ports.
  4. Visitor Port Pass
    These passes are issued online and valid only on the day of issue. Whenever possible, the visitor’s sponsor must send a written request to the Abu Dhabi Ports Security Department at least 24 hours’ prior to the visit.
  5. Photography Permit
    Photographers need a photography permit to take any pictures inside the port premises. Submit a written request five working days prior to the shoot date.
  6. Equipment Entry Permit
    Anyone wishing to take any kind of machinery and equipment inside or outside the port must submit a request to get the relevant permit ahead of the movement of goods.



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