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The Golden visa is a long-term residence visa which enables foreign talents to live, work or study in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits. Investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, outstanding students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers and frontline heroes are among those eligible for the Golden visa. Read about the requirements and benefits of the Golden visa and find digital services to apply for it.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Visa Service-Work Permits-Employment visa- Abu Dhabi,

The UAE’s ‘Golden visa’ is a long-term residence visa which enables foreign talents to live, work or study in the UAE while enjoying exclusive benefits which include:

  • An entry visa for six months with multiple entries to proceed with residence issuance
  • A long-term, renewable residence visa valid for 5 or 10 years
  • The privilege of not needing a sponsor
  • The ability to stay outside the UAE for more than the usual period of six months in order to keep their residence visa valid
  • The ability to sponsor their family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages
  • The ability to sponsor unlimited number of domestic helpers
  • The permit for family members to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit duration, if the primary holder of the Golden visa passes away.
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
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To get the UAE Golden Visa, you usually need to invest money, have specific job skills, or be really good at something like art or science. It’s a special pass for people who bring good things to the UAE, like investments or talents. The visa is designed to welcome people who can help the country grow. If you’re interested, check the specific rules because they might change. The Golden Visa is like a special invitation for those who can make the UAE even better

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