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Investor Visa

The Dubai Investor Visa, often called the Dubai Partner Visa, is for people from other countries who want to invest in or start a business in Dubai.

With this visa, you can live in the UAE and travel in and out freely during its validity. People with this visa become tax residents of the UAE, meaning they don’t have to pay taxes to their home country, but this depends on their home country’s rules.

Having a Dubai Investor Visa lets you do a lot of important things, like getting an Emirates ID card, opening a bank account, getting a UAE driving license, and signing up for mobile and home services with Etisalat or Du. You can also bring your family, including your spouse, children, and parents, to live with you in the UAE.

There are four types of Dubai Investor Visas:

Investment in Residential Property
Investment in a Company
Long-Term Residence

Retirement (which means a change, and it has the same meaning here)
Each type is for different kinds of investments and needs. It gives foreign investors options to choose what works best for them.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Visa Service-Work Permits-Employment visa- Abu Dhabi,

Documents required for investor in Dubai for mainland companies

If you are investing in or establishing a company in Dubai’s mainland, you need these documents as part of the Dubai investor visa application.

  • Bank statement covering the past 6 months
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of the share of ownership
  • One photograph with white background
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of Trade Licence Dubai
  • The typed application

Earlier, a UAE national or an agent who shall liaise with government departments was needed as the majority shareholder. However, the recent changes in rules allow complete foreign ownership in Dubai mainland.

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
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Residency Privileges: Investor visa typically provide the holder with the right to reside in the host country for an extended period, facilitating long-term settlement and stability.

Family Sponsorship: Investors can often sponsor their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and sometimes parents, allowing for family reunification and shared residency benefits.

Ease of Travel: Investor visa holders often enjoy streamlined travel processes, making it easier to visit other countries for business or leisure within certain regions, such as the GCC countries.

Extended Stay Abroad: Unlike some other visa types, investor visas may permit longer periods of stay abroad without jeopardizing residency status. This flexibility can be beneficial for business or personal reasons.

Business Opportunities: Investor visas are often linked to business activities. This can provide opportunities to establish or invest in businesses, contributing to economic growth and potentially generating income.

Path to Permanent Residency or Citizenship: In some cases, holding an investor visa can be a stepping stone to obtaining permanent residency or even citizenship, offering a more secure and lasting connection to the host country.

Access to Social Services: Investor visa holders may have access to social services and benefits in the host country, including healthcare and education.

Golden Visa Eligibility: In certain countries, successful investors may qualify for a “Golden Visa,” a prestigious and extended residency program designed to attract and reward significant investors and contributors to the country’s development.

Asset Diversification: Investing in a new country can provide opportunities for asset diversification, potentially enhancing an individual’s financial portfolio and global reach.

Contributions to the Local Economy: Investor visa programs are often designed to encourage economic development by attracting foreign investment. This benefits the local economy and can lead to job creation and infrastructure improvements.

Al Tawakkal is here to make getting an investor visa easy for you. They help you through the process, so you can enjoy the perks like living in a new place for a longer time, bringing your family along, and exploring business opportunities. With Al Tawakkal’s support, the whole visa thing becomes much simpler, making your move and business ventures smoother.

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