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Remote Work visa

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Remote Work visa


The Virtual Working Program, often colloquially referred to as a Remote Work Visa, facilitates individuals in residing and working remotely in the UAE for a specified duration without the obligation of maintaining a physical office or workplace within the country. This program has a validity period of 12 months.

Designed to cater to individuals meeting specific qualifying criteria, including entrepreneurs and start-up businesses operating outside the UAE, the virtual work visa accommodates foreigners with valid work visas engaged in employment outside the UAE. Holders of a one-year visa are granted the flexibility to enter the UAE at their own discretion and participate in employment aligning with the visa’s terms and conditions.

It’s crucial to consider the diverse array of visas available in the UAE, each tailored for different purposes. For those aspiring to work for an Emirati company, securing the appropriate UAE work visa is imperative. Conversely, individuals preferring to sustain independent work can explore the option of obtaining a freelancer visa in the UAE.

In summary, while the terminology may differ, the essence remains the same, emphasizing the key features of the Virtual Working Program in the UAE, which essentially acts as a remote work visa for individuals, including entrepreneurs and those employed outside the country.

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Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Visa Service-Work Permits-Employment visa- Abu Dhabi,

What Are The Dubai Remote Work Visa Requirements?

You must meet the UAE’s requirements to apply for a remote work visa. You’ll have to provide the following documents as proof:

Required Documents

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Health insurance that is valid in the UAE.
  • Proof that you work remotely for an organization outside the UAE.

Additional documents needed For employees:

  • Proof of employment from a current employer with a one-year contract still in place.
  • A minimum monthly salary of US$ 5000.
  • Last month’s payslip.
  • Last three months’ bank statements are all required.
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