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Legal Consultation & Business Consultation

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Legal Consultation & Business Consultation

Leveraging vast experience, we handle legal disputes and provide comprehensive business consultation at every step.

Cheque Bounce Cases

Cheque Bounce

We understand your situation if you are a victim, and duly lend our professional expertise.
Bank Debt Restructuring

Bank Debt

We assist all types of clients, helping them restructure their debt according to their needs.
Company Formation


We help you register your company and get it running, providing the support required.
Managing Receivables


We come up with debt recovery solutions to manage your cash flow and liquidity better.
Real Estate Cases

Real Estate

We are experts when it comes to complex real estate transactions involving multiple parties.


Commercial Cases


We can be counted on for all litigation involving contractual disputes, banking, and insurance.


Wills Succession Planning

Wills Succession

We ensure that your estate passes on correctly to the beneficiaries you have in mind.


Drafting of Agreements

Drafting of

We see to it that all clauses are laid clearly out in a concise, yet easy-to-understand manner.


Civil Cases

Civil Cases

We listen to you and offer our legal guidance if you ever get caught up in civil litigation.


Criminal Cases

Criminal Cases

We assess the circumstances and resolve the matter, so that your reputation is unharmed.


Labor Cases

Labor Cases

We examine all the details pertaining to employment and come up with a way out.


Family Cases

Family Cases

We appreciate the need for privacy, and try to bring about an equitable solution for all
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
Legal Consultation ENJAZ Lawsuits

Choosing AL Tawakkal for legal consultation in Abu Dhabi can be a prudent decision due to their commitment to excellence, deep expertise in local laws and regulations, and proven track record of providing comprehensive legal solutions. The firm’s dedicated team of experienced professionals offers personalized and strategic advice, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service tailored to their specific needs. With a reputation for reliability and a client-centric approach, AL Tawakkal stands out as a trusted partner for navigating the complex legal landscape in Abu Dhabi.

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