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Abu Dhabi Golden Visa

Abu Dhabi Golden Visa

Future Secure Abu Dhabi Golden Visa Made Easy

Abu Dhabi Golden Visa

Embark on a journey of opportunity with the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa, a pathway to long-term residency and prosperity in the heart of the UAE. This exclusive program welcomes individuals seeking stability and growth, offering a seamless process that combines investment opportunities with the privilege of residing in one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities. Enjoy the benefits of a secure future, access to world-class healthcare and education, and the opportunity to contribute to the flourishing landscape of Abu Dhabi. The Golden Visa signifies more than just a residency status; it symbolizes a gateway to unparalleled experiences, economic potential, and a vibrant community, making Abu Dhabi your home for success and fulfillment

What is the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa?

Similar to the investor visa in Abu Dhabi, the partner or investor visa is available for those starting a business or investing in existing firms in Abu Dhabi’s free zones or mainland. The Abu Dhabi investor visa is valid for 5 to 10 years, surpassing work visa durations. Visa holders can work, reside, and sponsor family members. Real estate investors are eligible for 5-year visas, while general investors can apply for 10-year visas. These extended visas provide a heightened sense of permanence for property owners and investors, potentially boosting investment. To qualify, property owners and investors must meet specific requirements outlined in this guide.

Eligibility for Getting the Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi

  • General Investors

     The general investor visa is for people investing in Abu Dhabi projects and businesses, excluding real estate. Those meeting specific requirements can apply for a 10-year golden visa. This includes founding or partnering in a business with a minimum AED 2 million investment, contributing AED 250,000 or more in taxes, maintaining a business with federal tax payments of AED 250,000 or more annually, or depositing AED 2 million in an Abu Dhabi-based bank account or investment fund. After obtaining the visa, investors need to retain their investments for at least two more years. The visa covers an executive director, advisor, wives, and kids, with the option to sponsor a domestic worker. Required documents include a tax clearance certificate, the last six months’ bank statements, and a trade license.

  • Real estate investors

Real estate investors in Abu Dhabi can secure a 5-year golden visa by investing in properties valued at a minimum of AED 2 million. If the property is mortgaged, a cash down payment of AED 2 million is required. After approval, investors need to retain their property investments for at least two more years.

  • Professionals in Priority Fields

The Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi is open to professionals in nine priority fields, such as Doctors, Engineers, Sports Professionals, Scientists, Educators in key areas, Executive Directors, Innovators, Ph.D. Holders, and Creatives in Culture and Art. This special program acknowledges the valuable contributions of these professionals, providing them an easy way to secure long-term residency in Abu Dhabi. Eligible individuals in these priority fields can enjoy stability and opportunities through the Golden Visa, adding to a lively and growing community in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Entrepreneurs

Visionary entrepreneurs who have established successful businesses in the UAE can also qualify for the Golden Visa. This category aims to attract innovative minds and promote economic growth.

  • Students

Smart students who do really well in school can also get the Golden Visa. It’s a cool chance for them to stay in the UAE for a long time. The country wants to bring in talented young people and help them grow here. So, if you’re an amazing student, this is a special opportunity for you to live in the UAE and be a part of its success.

Required Documents for Abu Dhabi Golden Visa Application

Passport copy

Copy of existing UAE resident visa and Emirates ID

Bank statements demonstrating financial worth and deposits in the UAE

Proof of investment

Property valuation certificate from the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities

The Power and Advantages of the Abu Dhabi Golden Visa

The Abu Dhabi Golden Visa brings amazing perks! You get the freedom to work, live, travel, and invest in Abu Dhabi for a solid 10 years. It’s super flexible, allowing you to stay outside Abu Dhabi without losing your visa. Plus, you can sponsor yourself, your family, and even unlimited domestic helpers. Hold a license from certain countries? You can easily get a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi. Dreaming of starting a business? You can own 100% of it! The visa also lets you sponsor your parents and ensures your family can stay in Abu Dhabi if anything happens to you. It’s like a golden ticket to a fantastic life in Abu Dhabi!

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