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Domestic visa Maid Visa

Domestic visa Maid visa

Domestic visa

A maid visa is a visa permitting hired domestic workers from other countries to stay in the UAE within the duration of their contract.

A maid visa, also known as a domestic worker visa or a tadbeer visa, is part of a government service called the tadbeer program which aims to facilitate both workers and employers in the UAE. The service also looks to ensure that the welfare of the domestic worker is guaranteed.

The maid visa can only be applied for by the employers provided the contract between the domestic worker and employer has been established.

UAE maid visa validity

The UAE tadbeer visa has a validity of one year and must be renewed each year.

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UAE maid visa eligibility requirements

The sponsors need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the domestic worker visa:

  • Have a monthly salary of no less than AED 10,000 and AED 25,000 for residents and expats respectively
  • Must be married
  • Must be the head of the family

There are also requirements that need to be met by the workers:

  • Must not be younger than 18 years of age
*Requirements and eligibility criteria may be subject to change in accordance with UAE Domestic Visa Laws.
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