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Al Tawakkal Consultancy offers comprehensive assistance for GMP Certification in Abu Dhabi, enhancing product quality and safety in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food processing, and cosmetics. We provide support for every aspect of the certification process, ensuring that your organization complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Here are some key highlights of our GMP Certification services:

GMP Certification in Abu Dhabi:
– Our services cater to pharmaceutical companies, food processors, and cosmetic manufacturers in Abu Dhabi.
– We assist in streamlining your operations to ensure quality control and adherence to safety regulations.

GMP Certification Procedures:
– We simplify the application process, fee payment, and inspection arrangements as governed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in Abu Dhabi.
– Our experts guide you through the required steps, including inspection and document review, to secure your GMP Certificate.

Required Documents and Conditions:
– We help you prepare a written request for an inspection of your manufacturing site to be addressed to the Drug Department.
– We ensure compliance with GCC and WHO Standards, guiding you through the approval process and addressing re-inspections, if necessary.

GMP Certification for Food Manufacturers:
– Al Tawakkal Consultancy supports food manufacturers in acquiring GMP Certification, enhancing food safety and quality assurance.
– Our services complement ISO 22000 and HACCP Certifications, strengthening consumer confidence and supplier trust.

ISO 22716:2007 – Cosmetics GMP Certification in Abu Dhabi:
– We facilitate ISO 22716 Certification for cosmetic manufacturing facilities, emphasizing the quality and safety of cosmetic products.
– Our guidance covers manufacturing processes, packaging specifications, product testing, storage, and transportation.

Key Benefits of GMP Certification in the UAE:

  • We help you enhance the quality and safety standards in your supply chain.
  • Our services focus on risk reduction, continuous improvement, and compliance with international regulations.
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Your Trusted Partner for GMP Certification in Abu Dhabi

Al Tawakkal Consultancy’s team of expert ISO Consultants is dedicated to providing you with seamless and efficient support throughout the GMP Certification process. We assist with the implementation of the latest best practices outlined in GMP Certification guidelines and offer ISO Certification Consulting to complement your certification journey. Contact our experienced ISO Consultants to get started today!

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